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"We do it right, or we don't!"

Unfortunately for the Sphinxmarkt that means we don't do it. For now. The first edition of the Sphinxmarkt should be a great moment to discover, eat, listen to music and maybe dance together (for the people with greased hips among us). However, this freedom cannot yet be combined with the applicable measures. Obviously there are options such as extra supervisors, fencing, tests on arrival, but that detracts too much from the experience. So we will have to wait a little longer for the first edition of the Sphinxmarkt. We'll be the first to let you know via @sphinxkwartier. Everyone who has already registered in the meantime, thank you again so much, we will contact you to handle everything neatly and to look forward to another moment.

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Unfortunately, the Sphinxmarkt has been canceled but that doesn't mean that there won't be one this year. Take a look at our socials regularly and maybe we'll invite you to sign up (again) soon!

Food, Drinks & More

Zet je tanden in de leukste en lekkerste markt van Maastricht. Good food, good mood! We geven niet alleen je ogen de kost maar zorgen ook voor de lekkerste (live) muziek.

Viva la diversiteit!

Kijk je ogen uit bij de stands met kunst, moderne ambacht en unieke snuisterijen. Dat is de kracht van de Sphinxmarkt; kwalitatief, divers en lokaal.

Schat zoeken

De Sphinxmarkt past bij het gebied: ongepolijst en eigenwijs. Het is een een beetje zoals schat zoeken tussen allerlei (nieuwe) inspirerende producten.

Treasure hunt

The Sphinx market fits the area: unpolished and cheeky. It's a bit like finding treasure among all kinds of (new) inspiring products.

Viva la diversity!

Feast your eyes on the stands with art, modern crafts and unique trinkets. That is the strength of the Sphinx Market; qualitative, diverse and local.

Food, Drinks & More

Sink your teeth into the best and most delicious market in Maastricht. Good food, good mood!We'll not only feast your eyes but also provide the best (live) music.